Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fiber-to-the-User is 21st century architecture for delivering multiple services (Voice, Video and Data) to the customer premises. This technology involves laying down fiber optic cable from the carrier’s point to the customer premises. With the ever-decreasing price of Fiber Optic and the rising cost of copper, use of copper cables worldwide is on the decrease. Fiber Optic cables have near-unlimited capacity for carrying data at speeds not supported by Copper media.

FTTP and FTTU are usually used as synonyms. We prefer to use the word ‘FTTU’ since some documentation uses FTTP as an acronym for ‘Fiber-to-the-Pole’.

An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is the hardware that is necessary for provisioning of services at customer premise. The ONT provides the customer with Voice, Video and Data Services.

A Passive Optical Network avoids placing electronics (Routers, switches, line cards etc) in the field. In an Active Optical Network, electronics (routers, switches etc) are placed in cabinets. These cabinets need air-conditioning, power, backup power etc. Such cabinets typically serve 400 to 500 customers. Last mile medium of communication from these cabinets to the customer premise is copper. Nayatel FTTU is based on a passive optical network.

Precisely. We’ve been busy doing this since the last three and a half years. Nayatel’s Fiber optic network is totally independent of any other carrier. It is designed, tested and deployed by Nayatel Development engineers. Please visit to see a list of the areas in Islamabad where Nayatel’s FTTU network has been deployed.

No. FTTC terminates the fiber at the curb. This means that the fiber is terminated somewhere in a cabinet which is not at the customer premises. From the cabinet to the customer premise, delivery of services is still on a copper cable. Nayatel provides FTTU where the fiber optic cable is terminated inside the customer premise. This ensures that quality of the signal at the customer premises is free of issues that are inherent to Copper media.

Nayatel’s FTTU network uses low-water peak single mode fiber compliant to the ITU-T G.652D standard from Corning Systems, the leading brand in Fiber Optic technology.

Generally speaking, Fiber to the User is deployed either using an Active or a Passive Architecture. A Passive FTTU network is also called a ‘Passive Optical Network’ or PON for short.

Nayatel offers Triple-Play services, which means Voice, Video and Data. Internet, cable TV and telephone services are available on the Nayatel FTTU.

Yes. Without the Optical Network Terminal, no service can be provisioned at the customer premises.